The latest WhatsApp update will catch the attention of the most loyal app users. Although last year the application began to allow attach files, the function was limited to PDF documents. From now on, users of the application will be able to share all kinds of files (as long as they do not exceed 100 megs).

Although the WhatsApp website indicates that the limit of the files is 100 megabytes, many users report that in iOS the limitation would be slightly lower, so they could send files of greater weight. The fact of being able to attach files in all kinds of formats is excellent news, since although alternatives like Telegram already allowed it. WhatsApp was somehow behind in this regard.

In addition, from now on all the photos and videos that we send will be grouped in a gallery, thus improving the order in the conversations. But without a doubt, the best of all is the application will stop compressing the photos, thus allowing the content we send to keep its original quality. This is a very interesting improvement, since it was necessary to send this type of files using other applications or cloud storage services.

At this point we can not deny the utility of this function, which will greatly facilitate the day-to-day of many users using the file-sharing application.

If you are interested in having such a function you only have to update the application through the App Store or Google Play, where the update is being enabled.


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