One of the most anticipated versions of WhatsApp is already underway, so those who prefer to use the app from their iPad will soon be able to do so.

Facebook has finally thought about extending the benefits of WhatsApp to the iPad, although at the moment the version is in the early stages. By now it seems the same features that WhatsApp has released for iOS users are included, but taking advantage of the features of the iPad. For example, users can choose to use the app in landscape mode, use Touch ID to block it, and use the main features to communicate with friends or contacts.

There is a slight change in the distribution of features, as the iPad screen gives enough space for a more fluid design. The screen of chat and calls has split view, allowing you to see at all times the contacts or details of calls.

Those who want to try the first beta versions of WhatsApp for iPad, will have to join the program for beta testers, using TestFlight (there are limits on the number of users who can participate). Most of us will have to wait to see the stable version.


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