WhatsApp begins to verify business profiles as part of its monetization plan

Today the company is confirming the first step to add companies to its service, which includes a badge and a possible exclusive application.

Within the WhatsApp FAQ, today the company is releasing the format that will be added in the coming days so that users know when we are contacting a business profile. This profile will include a green badge with a white check in the middle, which means that the account belongs to a company verified by WhatsApp.

According to the company, “verified business accounts” are currently limited to a small number of companies that have accepted to participate in the pilot test. These companies will be contacted by WhatsApp and will have to provide documents that guarantee the company’s data registered before the law of the country of origin, a physical address and a telephone number, which will be used to contact users.

It is said that these companies will use an exclusive application (WhatsApp Small and Medium Business) that will let them manage everything related to messages and follow-up to their clients’ cases, as well as statistics and even say they will have a database of potential customers. This app will be something very similar to ‘Facebook Mentions’, which is used by celebrities and artists on iOS. However, the WhatsApp business application at the moment will only be available for Android. This application will also allow you to automate messages and set work schedules.

Another point that will allow us to differentiate a verified business account from a normal one, will be that when entering the chat window we will be shown a message in yellow that will indicate that we are in front of a verified profile.

It should be noted that WhatsApp has not mentioned anything regarding a fee for having a business profile, but if we rely on the latest rumors, this is said to be its main source of income, as it provides companies with juicy weapons to have communication with its clients.


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