Whatsapp will release a new version this September in which will incorporate new features that have spoken in recent weeks.

Among these new features is the expected night mode, a dark design in which Whatsapp has been working for months and which has been optimized to be ready after the summer. This dark mode, already present in other popular applications, aims to damage the user’s eyesight as little as possible and improve legibility, especially in low-light situations.

Two other novelties that have been discussed for the coming weeks are the new collection of stickers, up to 59 different, which could be animated and different themes. On the other hand, there is also the multiplatform mode, which would allow to use the app in different devices without having to need, for example, the mobile near if one is going to open Whatsapp Web in the computer.

It is also planned to edit images in the same Whatsapp environment, saving time with a button at the bottom of the conversation. Other new features planned to be added soon are sharing contacts with QR codes, sharing status between Facebook and Whatsapp, as well as adding the boomerang function, so popular in Instagram. Updates usually arrive earlier to iOS than Android, so the arrival of many of these new features will coincide with the launch of iOS 13, Apple’s new operating system.


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