It is a total of five new options that the service is already sending to Android and iPhone users through an update. This is the list with the four novelties that WhatsApp has just announced for the group administration in the application:

  1. Description of the group. From now on you can add a small text as a summary of the group. This information will be the first tip that appears to new members who join, and can be consulted later in the group’s information page. This description will be useful to announce the rules of the group, its theme or any other information considered important.
  2. More controls for administrators. WhatsApp has added a new function in the group settings. This is the Edit info option of the group, which allows you to choose who can change the name, icon and description of your group. You can choose between all the participants or just the administrators.
  3. Summary to catch up. From now on, when you have been a long time without entering the group, a new button @ will appear in the lower right corner. By pressing it you will be able to quickly see the messages in which you have been mentioned or answered directly, perfect so as not to lose the thread of the conversations that concern you.
  4. More administration controls: And finally, administrators can now remove the permissions of other participants. Except those of the creators of the groups, which from now on can no longer be eliminated from the groups that they themselves have started.

In addition to these new admin features, WhatsApp has added extra protection for users. With it, group members will not be able to add us repeatedly to the groups from which we have deliberately left. It is something that should help those people who can not leave the groups because when someone leave it, there is always someone else who decides to invite him again without even asking.


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