Telegram is preparing a Premium version for a subscription fee with exclusive features

The beta of the latest update of the Telegram app shows indications that a premium option is in the works, which for a subscription fee will give users access to various exclusive content and features.

It is the beta 8.7.2 of the app for the iOS operating system, where information has been found that points to “Telegram Premium”, a paid version that, at least initially, would give access to content such as stickers and exclusive reactions in chats. In addition, this paid option would allow the elimination of ads that appear in the mass channels.

Some of these premium stickers are a crying yellow duck, a cheering crocodile, a gesticulating monkey… There would also be reactions such as a rain of hearts, a laughing clown, a thumb pointing down and the Emoji that pays homage to Eduard Munch’s painting “The Scream”.

All these stickers and reactions could only be viewed by those who are subscribed to the Premium version, without having transcended that would appear instead for those who do not use the paid Telegram … or if something would appear in that case, such as a notice indicating that it is exclusive content for Premium users.

Pavel Durov, creator of Telegram, already advanced in 2020 that from the following year (2021) the platform would begin to generate revenue, and this seems to be one of the ways in which this monetization would be achieved. In fact, last November it was announced that Telegram would have a paid version in which advertising would not appear.

At the moment there is no information about the date on which this premium Telegram could start working, nor about its price or other features added to those that are known for now. The only thing that can be guessed is that since it is a premium version, the current free version will continue to exist with the same options.



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