That video is old (in current Internet time), and was first published last April by activist Mike Holston.

However, this video has a different interpretation to the one everyone gave in their day; it’s more than just a funny video starring a monkey.

The video, if you haven’t seen it yet, is very interesting; it shows a chimpanzee with an iPhone in his hands and the open Instagram app. The curious thing is that the ape is able to use the app as if it were a human.

It is not only that he has learned to touch certain elements of the screen; it is evident that he makes his own motu gestures, since he only opens the publications that interest him, in which other animals or monkeys appear.

The impressive thing is not only that the monkey is smart enough to use a mobile phone; the mobile is designed so that even a monkey is able to use it.

The current devices are very user-friendly, and learning to use them is a matter of minutes; it is much more intuitive to touch what we want to see and make the gesture to move it away, than to use strange buttons and commands.

If your child knows how to handle the smartphone is not because he is a genius, the real genius is the developer.

Apps like Tiktok or the Instagram itself are very popular among young people precisely because they don’t need any manual; you know at the moment what you can do and if you don’t know, you’ll find it sooner or later. You could say that their interfaces are “minimalist”, but for minimalism to work, it needs to be even more elaborated than a normal design.

However, if these apps exist it is because of the device they are running on; Instagram would not be the same if the iPhone screen occupied only half of the device, for example. That’s why we can’t forget the platform and hardware developers.

There’s no doubt that touchscreens are more intuitive; touching something is much faster and easier than selecting it with keys. The “all-screen” design of modern mobiles eliminates distractions and prioritizes the part that really matters, the apps. The latest technological advances, such as miniaturization of processors and components, also play a role.


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