Running a business, no matter how big or small it might be, doesn’t have to be complicated. What’s more, it doesn’t have to be expensive. It may surprise you to learn that, as long as you have the right kind of apps at your disposal, you can even run a successful business from your smartphone. There is no need to pay rent on a premises, no need to employ staff (in some cases), and you can have as much freedom as you need because you don’t need to be tied down to a desk all day. Although using a smartphone to run a business won’t appeal to everyone, if it sounds like something that you would like to do, here are some of the types of apps you will need to look at using.

1.- Invoicing

Invoicing is a major part of running any business. If it isn’t done, all your hard work will be for nothing as you won’t get paid! Having an app that can help you with your invoicing is essential if you definitely want to run your business from your cell phone. Look for one that is intuitive to use and that allows you to email the invoices directly from your device. It saves time, and you won’t forget to do it later if it can be done straight away. You should also search for something that will automatically send out reminders to those who owe money. Chasing for money is something that takes business owners a lot of time, and if it can be done automatically and made a much more streamlined process, then all the better.

2.- Social Media

When you run a business, you may not immediately think of having a social media account (or more than one) linked to it. However, think about your favorite companies and their online presence, and it is likely that they will be using social media in some way. Having an app for your chosen platform or platforms makes using social media much easier. You can instantly see any comments and reply to them promptly too. You can also post images and snippets of information when you need to. Instagram is particularly useful, as you can link it to both your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and you only need to post an update in one place for every other platform to be updated too. Social media marketing is one of the very best ways to get your business noticed, and being able to check in as much as you want to is vital.

3.- Event Organizer

If you run events, then an event organizer is going to be hugely useful to you. Using this kind of app means you can gauge ticket sales, check people in, and even see how many people actually attended your event. This way, you can quickly determine how successful the event was, and you will know whether you should run another similar one, or try something different instead.

Having this information literally at your fingertips is the best way to test and measure your ideas, and to ascertain which direction to move in next so that you don’t waste time, money, or effort going the wrong way and doing things that no one is really interested in.

4.- Payments

For businesses that are mobile and do work in people’s homes such as landscape gardening, hairdressing, car valeting, and much more, getting paid has always been an issue. Not everyone will have cash on them, and checks mean that it takes you longer to get paid; you need to get to a bank first, then wait for the check to clear, and that can take days (assuming it clears at all). Card payments are much more straightforward for both vendor and buyer, so having an app on your smartphone that allows you to take payment via a debit or credit card can speed things up, ensuring you are paid immediately and giving your customer an option that they can quickly get inline with.

Of course, the provider of the app will take a small percentage of each transaction, so you may want to account for that in your pricing. However, this small amount is easily offset by the convenience and speed that this kind of payment app offers.

5.- Connections

Many businesses now allow employees to work from home, meaning there is no one central office space for meetings. However, with a messenger type app such as Slack or similar, you can stay connected to each and every member of your team. You can message one another as a group of individually, or even hold conference calls if that is easier. Plus there is a record kept of your messages, which could come in useful at a later date.

Not only does this kind of app help to keep everyone up to date when it comes to business matters, but since the main concern from work at home employees is that fact that they can no longer interact with their colleagues, it also keeps up employee morale and ensures that everyone can talk to everyone else should they want to.

6.- Scanning

Digital copies of important documents such as contracts and receipts are often necessary for business. Whether you need to send that document electronically or you want to file it on your computer on in the cloud, having a digital version is the only way to do it. Therefore, you will often find that a scanning app is going to be useful in your business. You can take an image of the document you want to scan and use the app to send it or file it where it needs to go. It is fast and straightforward, and you can be much more efficient using this kind of technology.

7.- Graphic Design

When it comes to creating fantastic marketing campaigns, leaflets, posters, and the like, you need to have a graphic design program to do it. These can be hugely expensive, and in some cases, they are complicated to use as well. A graphic design app, however, doesn’t need to be. There are many out there to choose from, so you should be able to find something that works for you, meaning you can design eye-catching campaigns from your smartphone.


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