Who says house moving has to be unbearable? While house moving in itself needs a lot of time and effort – especially during the packing, travel, and unpacking process – it doesn’t necessarily mean you should be hassling yourself in the process. After all, in today’s digital age, there’s actually a ton of ways you can take advantage of technology to make your move so much easier for you to deal with. In fact, sometimes all you need is your mobile device – a phone, or a tablet – and you’ll be all set to making your house move such an enjoyable experience. How, you ask? Why, there’s actually some apps you can use to help with your house move.

  • Around Me is a handy tool if you want to get to know what’s around your neighborhood. This can be such a helpful app and program that can let you search for parks, hotels, gas stations, businesses, and shops around a particular spot. This means you can use Around Me to find the best spots near your new home. This makes it easy for you to find spots to chill in while waiting for your long distance movers to help you.
  • Brightnest is a nifty and neat app that can help you out with your move, whether you’re doing this for the first time or for the nth time during your lifetime. The app, while not super comprehensive, is extremely useful when organizing your new home. It’s capable of recording the location of your new house, as well as finding things in the area that’s relevant to your needs. This is a good way to find a quick meal, find the best places of security and other necessities, and even checking out the area.
  • Google Keep can be quite the buddy if you’re looking into a place where you can track and keep notes in a quick and easy fashion. Google ensured Google Keep is extremely accessible, so you can quickly set reminders that you’ll surely need for your moving and packing needs. This is useful if you have a diverse inventory and other aspects of the move you want to keep track of, especially if you’re relying on moving companies for help.
  • Google Maps is another intuitive Google tool that can help you out with your move in terms of logistics. As the name suggests, Google Maps is a navigation application. If you’re looking for the most optimal way to get to your new home, Google Maps is the place for you. Thanks to Google’s popularity, it’s been able to accurately track a lot of places in Google Maps with its fleet of Google Cars, which record location data. This makes Google the leading service in terms of the accuracy of its location data – which can greatly help if you’re focused on looking into the many elements surrounding your new home’s area.
  • Pro Moving Planner is an extremely comprehensive app that can help you out when moving. Its features include not just a checklist tool, but it can also help you track professional services like moving companies that aid in the moving process. The many tools inside this app can greatly add convenience in your house move, as it can help you properly plan your budget and your move.

    Pro Moving Planner
    Pro Moving Planner
  • Packing Pro can be the app for you especially if you’re looking for a nifty way to keep track of your belongings. The main difference between other apps and Packing Pro is that the latter makes it much easier for you to pack your things. It keeps track of where you’ve placed all of your belongings, and it even has a handy checklist tool for you to use.
  • TIM Property Inventory is another interesting inventory tool that allows you to record all the belongings you have in your move. You can categorize and make an inventory of your belongings, giving you the means to know exactly which objects belong where. You don’t have to worry about confusing where your belongings have to be placed anymore.

Level Up Moving: Use House Moving Apps

Aside from asking the help of moving companies, you can actually rely on your apps to make your house move a more enjoyable experience. Sometimes, it’s through the help of technology that you can make your life a ton easier, especially when it comes to your move. With the help of some of the apps above, you may be able to transform your move into a more satisfying and less hassling experience. Remember, sometimes your handy smartphone might be the helping hand you need for your move.


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