Uber will no longer know your location once the trip is over

Uber has been in the focus of criticism for too many times in recent times. One reason for this is a possibility, hidden in your app, which allows drivers to continue knowing the location of the passenger they just transported up to 5 minutes after the end of the trip. Obviously, although from the company insisted that it did not involve any series of risks, this displeased the most strict with their privacy.

Now, a Uber that is in the process of rebuilding announces that it will disable this feature this week, assuming an important step forward for the users of the app. From the company, they assume the error and see as a failure to have requested more data from their users without specifying what they got in exchange for sharing their location with them, in this case.

It is likely that this decision was facilitated by the recent introduction of a chat between drivers and passengers that facilitates the contact between both parties and, among other things, solve problems of location when meeting. In addition, this news comes two weeks after being acquainted with the measures that will be taken against Uber during the next two quarters, in which it will undergo external examinations to ensure the quality of service offered to its customers.


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