The U.S. Navy has banned the use of the TikTok social networking application on government-owned smartphones, under the fear that it represents a cyber security threat.

U.S. lawmakers are “concerned” about the handling of personal data on the platform, and they also accuse it of possible censorship.

The veto was notified through a bulletin distributed internally, which warns that military service members with a government-issued phone or tablet who have not removed the application would be blocked from the Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI).

This ban has been implemented, the document notes, “based on cyber security threat assessments, and is consistent with Fleet efforts to proactively address existing and emerging threats in defense of our networks”.

This all goes back to the issue with Huawei more or less because TikTok is as well owned by a Chinese company named ByteDance, and as with the smartphone manufacturer, there is concern that they may be forced to hand over information under orders from the Chinese government.

The ban on TikTok would be active in the U.S. Army since November. It has now been extended to the Navy and the rest of the Armed Forces because there is a strong record that the app has been changed within the orders of its government.


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