Twitter, like Facebook, is committed to monetizing videos that are distributed from its platform, both on-demand videos and live videos. In this regard, it will bring the pre-roll ads to the live videos of Periscope. For now, will bring this possibility to advertisers through custom packages of Amplify, although the company ensures that this possibility will expand in the coming months.

In this way, from now on, when a user wants to watch a live video, either by accessing directly from their timeline or by looking for a specific creator, it is likely that they will be able to see a short duration advertisement before the live broadcast.

The idea, in any case, is these ads are shown before the live videos of events of great relevance. In this regard, Twitter will install the necessary mechanisms to avoid the problems that have hit the YouTube platform months ago, causing major brands and content publishers to withdraw their campaigns.

The creators of the live broadcasts will take 70% of the income generated by the inserted advertising. So far, the only way to monetize a video in Periscope was through tweets promoted or through the realization of customized campaigns using Amplify.

It is already known that Twitter is interested in obtaining new forms of financing, and taking advantage of the increase of the publicity in the videos by Internet, perhaps it is a profitable way to be able to grow.


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