Twitter announced on Tuesday the inclusion of the comments of “hate against religious feelings” to its list of prohibited content on the social network, so that from this Tuesday the company will require that messages that receive complaints for this reason be removed.

In an entry on the company’s official blog, those responsible for Twitter explained that, after months of conversations with the public, external experts and the firm’s own workers, have decided to include in the list “language that dehumanizes others based on their religion”. The company explained that if it receives a complaint for a message of this nature that has been sent before this Tuesday, the day of the start of the new policy, the tuit “must be removed,” but will not suspend the account of the user who issued it to have occurred before the regulation came into force.

Twitter even posted some examples of the kind of messages it would consider “dehumanizing” members of a religion: “We have to exterminate the rats. These (religious groups) are aberrant”, “(religious groups) are viruses. They are making this country sick” or “(Religious group) should be punished. We are not doing enough to get rid of these dirty animals”.

So, from now on, the San Francisco company considers “hateful” comments those that promote violence based on religion, race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, sex, sexual identity, age, disability or serious illness.


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