KingRoot is an extremely popular application. Get root access on a good variety of smartphones without too many complications. It is from China, entails significant security and privacy risks and, something to be stressed, will never be in the Google Play Store. Ergo, all the apps that are called that way are fake and do not do what they promise. This is a clear and blatant example.

Five-star fraud is practiced by apps that artificially increase popularity on the Google Play Store by forcing users to rate them with maximum punctuation. They are easy to discover: very high balance of stars and comments that warn that their valuation is forced.

This KingRoot app is a clear example of what we discussed. The application was released on October 2 under the name of KingRoot, as is. It is between 100 000 and 500 000 downloads, with more than 8000 votes with five stars. Someone might think that it is used for the ROOT, in fact it is what the developer promises in the description. The reality is that he is only a counter with advertising in between.

An absolutely useless application that is created just to deceive those who are looking for KingRoot without knowing exactly where to find it. With the name that the developer has put to the app, the ratings and the number of Google downloads will put it in first place for related searches. To raise without doing absolutely nothing.

Examples like this application from KingRoot demonstrate that Google has failed to address the low quality of its application store, malware and clones, however much they have tried.


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