WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging services in the world, with over one billion active users daily. This makes it a gold mine ready to be exploited. At WhatsApp they know it, and they are already thinking about how to take advantage of all this to generate income.

The Facebook-owned messaging company has begun experimenting with new business-oriented tools, which would allow users to chat directly with users whether for advertising campaigns, customer service, or for technical support.

As we know, before WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook, its business model consisted of the collection of an annual subscription that allows us to make use of the service. When the service happened to Zuckerberg the charge for the use of the service was eliminated in January 2016, and since then the service does not generate income.

Whatsapp Messaging Business

From the outset, WhatsApp has been clear on the idea of ​​showing ads to its users as a way to get money, and it seems that this is not going to change at least in the short term. So it is interesting to see how they plan to make the service profitable, and the best option is to sell tools based on its successful platform, but exclusive to business.

To this day, it is normal for companies or businesses to use WhatsApp to stay in touch with their customers, a trend that has grown significantly in recent months. And it seems that WhatsApp is going to exploit this idea, by means of a system for companies to have a profile that is not tied to a phone number, with which they can access the service and chat with their users without the need for them to have To that company in their contacts.

According to the information, WhatsApp is already testing this system with some companies that are part of the ‘Y Combinator’ startups incubator, where they are already working on a way to prevent this from lending itself to sending SPAM messages. So far it is unknown when this service could be announced, but it will certainly be attractive to businesses, as it will be like a key that will allow them to enter a large user base through a system they use daily.


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