We all have old photos in albums that we haven’t been able to have in digital yet for different reasons: the photo is the only one taken, the shadows when taking a picture to the image and the low resolution quality when doing this, among other things.

If you’ve experienced this, you should try Google’s solution. Once again, Google helps us with a free alternative, being FotoScan the tool to use for this task.

If there is one feature that defines FotoScan, it is the simplicity with which it allows us to have an old photo on our mobile phone. Among the many options that can be found in Google Play, this app has the highest quality, rating and quantity of downloads.

To use it, just download it free of charge from the Play Store and follow the steps below:

  1. Once you open the tool on your mobile you will see the instructions to take the photo correctly.
  2. After seeing the above, you will have to place the photo inside the frame that is shown on screen and then pass the circle through the 4 points.
  3. When you’ve done this, you’ll see the image with the shadows and imperfections removed by the light, ready to share on any social network.

As you can see, the process takes no more than 1 minute and as you can see in the example, the quality is class A, as it has removed the light from the flash perfectly. In addition to the above, if you want to edit the image a little more, you can adjust the corners to your liking.

Now you can start taking advantage of your free time to take pictures of decades ago from your albums to have them in digital with the best quality.


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