In digital game development, there are many great software tools available for the developers, such as Ruby and Python etc. However, the basic of all these is HTML and Java Script. We can categorize the games in several manners and the development of each of the games category is different. While computer games with great 3-D animation involve a whole lot of resources, there are certain games, which are developed with simple gaming software. Similarly, the present day craze -table and card games involve some specialized software tools, such as Angular JS.

Advantages of Angular JS in game Development

AngularJS, popularly known as Angular is a philosophy that believes that declarative programming is used best for connecting various software components and building excellent user interfaces. When declarative programming is couple with imperative programming, which is ideal for defining the application’s business logic, the result is amazing.The combined framework adapts and extends the traditional HTML programming to disseminate dynamic content via a two-way data-binding technique. This enables automatic synchronization of the software models and the views, improving testability and performance. To summarize, here are the prime benefits of Angular JS in the overall development process.

  • It enables adding a robust testing framework, which eventually ensures flawless gaming experience.
  • The development team can better the entire process of coordination and focus on all the aspects of the game as it enables adding code modularity.
  • It facilitates code re-use, which helps in instantiate one factory class for multiple times, in addition to reload different yet similar behaviors and assets.
  • Angular JS breaks the code into various individual pieces, which are easily testable and even easier to maintainable. This feature reduces the complexity involved significantly.
  • Unlike Javascript, Angular does not have bad parts, which safeguards the developers using bad patterns.
  • The most importantly, as every team has their own set of task, which they do in parallel; hence, the project development speeds up.

The tool is maintained by Google and has the backing of a host of world-class developers, who are working to enhance the software features and usability continuously. It is easier to get started as it is comprehensive. There are many good things about Angular JS, which tells about its philosophy and purpose. There are even great applications and games completely developed with Angular JS and the developer community across the globe is trying to improve the gaming standards and offer the best gaming experience.


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