By the end of 2015, a billion smartphones will be sold in the world. That’s a huge market targeted by app developers. In example, the numbers of job offers for app development in 2014 grew a 131% and the average salary of a senior app developer was $144.000 in 2,014.

If you’re reading this, there is a 52% of chance that you’re doing it from a mobile device so, more than a search for an explanation, here you’ll find some interesting numbers about the market of the app development from a recent study of the University of alabama.

  • 61% of the adult american have an smartphone and classic mobile phones are being quickly replaced and probably will remain under a 10% in three years
  • Android gets more than two thirds of the global market and Apple can face it only in the US. Windows, Blackberry and other SO have a hard battle to fight.
  • the average smartphone has 26 apps installed and 57% of users say they use some app daily
  • by 2017, over 268 billion downloads will be made with a global spend of 77 billion dollars
  • 17% of users in the U.S. say they have paid more than $20 for an app

Of course, there is a crowd of people trying to reach a bigger portion of this pie although most apps fail and remain in a forgotten corner of the app stores. We all know the success of Whatsapp and probably most of us have heard some great histories about successful developments but in most cases, the history is not so nice.

The reasons of the failure are infinite but there is some rules any developer must follow if he do not want to be in the Pantheon of Illustrious Apps. All that rules can be summarized in the basic one of business: do what you do properly and left others to do the things they do better than you. If you only have an idea, let a development company to help you with the programming, the marketing or even the financial aspects of your business plan. Some ones, like Zapporoo, can help you in the full life of your app.

The growing market of app development is becoming more and more hard because:

  • programming an app for iOS and Android is not easy and some small entrepreneurs cut their market to one of the operating systems
  • app owners forget to include marketing costs in their numbers. The best app of the world starts in the bottom of the list and can be easily outnumbered by a mediocre but well marketed app
  • poor user experience; although the app can be wonderful, user’s mind can be inscrutable and anyone can think that marvelous app is a waste of time because he didn’t saw the Make-the-miracle-happen button: four bad comments and you’re dead

There is an incredible world of opportunities for app developpers there out but just a few will find their portion of the pie.




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