With the downfall and instability of Facebook and several of its most popular applications, such as Instagram and WhatsApp, people remembered there is another option, a safer and faster one.

In his channel, Telegram founder Pavel Durov wrote: “In the last 24 hours there have been 3 million new users,” all in the context of the Zuckerberg network crash.

Facebook was down in much of the world, so at least is reported on social networks and sites like Down Detector, which alerted the problem.

They say that yesterday’s problem was a fall “for maintenance”, although it seems strange that it took about 10 hours to recover, without notice and always trying to return unsuccessfully.

While Facebook continues to argue over the privacy of its users’ data and the misuse of personal data, governments like Putin’s abhor Telegram because they can’t break it. That sounds like a good sign.

The founder of Telegram is proud of what they have achieved, despite pressure from the government.

The invitation to use Telegram is open to newcomers, stay there and invite your close circle. It is more entertaining and safer.


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