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Author: Jeff Williams

Keen Software House, the developer behind the critically acclaimed Space Engineers and Medieval Engineers, has publicly announced GoodAI, their new company that’s going to be working on making exciting advancements in AI technology.


GoodAI wants to develop complex and general AI technology for gaming and applications far beyond.

The mandate of GoodAI is to “develop general artificial intelligence, be helpful to humanity, and learn more about the universe.” To accomplish that goal they first want to delve into building a lightweight, yet thoroughly advanced, AI program that they can integrate into their games. They want it adaptable and capable of learning so that you can have an even better experience in Space Engineers.

Imagine an AI that is as smart, adaptable, and able to learn as a human being. Then imagine telling this AI to improve itself – to make itself even smarter, faster, and more capable of solving problems. Such an AI will be the last thing humans ever have to invent – once we have this technology, our AI could invent other technologies, further the sciences, cure diseases, take us further in space than we’ve ever been, and more.

To help with community adoption of the burgeoning AI sector, they’ve released a visual tool they call Brain Simulator that allows users to make their own artificial brain architectures, actual deep learning AI constructs, that can added to their own Space Engineer or Medieval Engineer server. You can integrate a “brain” into a character and have them go into the world and discover things on their own, potentially doing hilarious and awesome things in-game. By doing this, they’re expanding their research base and allowing gamers across the world to help develop AI in novel ways.


AI can be a very controversial subject, one that can spark debates that move into territories that might seem outrageous at first. The consequences of having something advanced enough to think on its own and to truly learn in an unrestricted fashion are not really known. We can’t truly know the ramifications until we’ve actually developed something like that, anyway. A robot takeover isn’t exactly outside of reality, and worst case scenarios, while sometimes seemingly ludicrous, are necessary due to this being relatively unknown. You can’t prevent what you don’t think of, right?

But this aims to be an AI platform that helps humanity, one that’s envisioned to improve our well-being and benefit us immensely.

Seeing as how nVidia just released a new update to their cuDNN to enable better scaling with deep learning libraries, this might be something to include in their AI products, something to help speed up the implementation of their Brain Simulator tool perhaps. I’ve reached out and hope to have an answer soon.

In the meantime, you can download the Brain Simulator and start building your own AI neural network now.

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