Sonic Mania is the ultimate nostalgia pill

SEGA has finally accepted her pet now only really lives in the children’s hearts of men between 30 and 40 years, and that the best they can do as a company for the legacy of their character, after a decade and a half failing to update to his blue hedgehog, is surrender and just take a game with aesthetic ‘retro’. Fortunately, they have done well.

So, after all, and despite how poorly many people understand the nostalgia, let us rejoice that SEGA has thrown it on the right track and has taken the aesthetic and what worked in the Master System games to give us something more or less new and that pays a perfect homage to the blue hedgehog.

Of course, the merit is not so much of SEGA as of Sonic fans, many of whom develop video games. It turns out that a few chosen, such as Christian Whitehead, have been the main responsible for developing Sonic Mania, and the result is spectacular.

Maybe are the absurd details of the 16-bit aesthetic and the animation of the hedgehog (those blurry legs when it goes at full speed), maybe how well designed each and every level is, or the good balance between crazy races and platforming (although perhaps there are too much tunnels). The fact is there has not been a game like this since … 1992, from the original.

Although Sonic Mania is no more than a Star Wars Episode VII for the saga, I do not see any problem with this idea. It updates technologically just the aesthetics, dynamics and design of the first games and puts them full in 2017, so the old players do not find something they do not like, and the more novices understand what these games were in the old days….


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