The actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the tennis player Serena Williams will create contents for the social network of videos in Snapchat vertical format. The company thus intends to compete against the video platform Youtube, owned by Google, and the social network Instagram, Facebook, for the market for own content on the Internet.

In the case of Arnold Schwarzenegger, he will offer motivational videos in an exclusive channel called “Rules of Succes”, according to The Hollywood Reporter. In addition to the coveted actor, influential celebrities such as tennis player Serena Williams, performer and humorist Kevin Hart and internet stars Emma Chamberlain and Rickey Thompson have signed up for the social network to boost their catalogue of exclusive videos.

The videos of the new Snapchat stars will begin to be published from the middle of this summer, with the aim of boosting the own channels the social network created two years ago and that today have not finished taking off. The social network, which was born as a messaging application focused on exchanging temporary photos, will now focus on offering a more premium content experience.

Starting this week, the first of these channels, “Trend or End”, can be seen: the young influencer Rickey Thompson will judge the fashion and clothing trends of other celebrities.

While Snapchat has focused its content on the younger audience, as 90% of its users are between 13 and 24 years old, with this strategy the platform seeks to attract and retain a more adult audience.


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