Was Pokemon Go Just A Trend of 2016?

Just two weeks after the Pokemon Go game was released in 2016, it went into a downwards spiral and began to stall out. It had an earth-shattering debut but has continued to decline steadily since and a lot of people believe this is due to there not being much of a game to the app.

At first there was a considerate amount of interest in the game, mainly from nostalgic people older than twenty whom had grown up watching and playing Pokemon on things like Nintendo, and the interest in playing a digital game where you have to move around in the real world to go out and catch the Pokemon was high. However, the developers seem to have failed in capturing the players fascination further as there is very little you can do once capturing those Pokemon.

There seem to be multiple flaws to the game which has caused its downfall in downloads and daily activity. The biggest issue of all is the fact that for new players whom may not know previously anything to do with Pokemon have no introduction or tutorial to the game, basic principles and gameplay are never mentioned so they have little understanding on how the game work exactly. Whilst some people seem to argue that this is a benefit as it has brought other gamers together in order to work as a group on the game however, this just seems as though the Niantic team have rushed the game to get it on the market quicker.

As mentioned before there is little to the game, the main feature is capturing the Pokemon however once you have done this there is really nothing more you can do with them, as there are no quests or other game content for you to engage in. You are able to compete with your captured creatures at gyms around the world yet this is hard to do as it’s difficult to level up in order to win in the battles.

Unlike the original Pokemon games you are unable to fight other players with your Pokemons which is by far the biggest missed opportunity in this game.

From a study the company Liberty Games carried out, they found that 20% of 1,500 gamers believed Pokemon Go to be popular and only 23% of females and 17% of males still play the game now, I believe this to be because of the fact there isn’t much to this game however with Candy Crush, which seems to be one of the most popular games out there, it has over 1000 levels gamers can become engaged in.

However, with all these flaws Pokemon Go has infact started trends and made people want more games that engage in real life activity to be created, I feel as though this game was rushed but it did have potential to be something greater than it was as it’s not very talked about now, meaning I do believe it was in fact just a 2016 trend.


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