The most popular applications and services have opted to offer users “Lite” versions of their applications. An option that users appreciate as it is ideal for mobile devices with limited resources. They take up less space and are lighter.

Pinterest joins this trend with its own app Lite that can already be downloaded from Google Play for Android users. It weighs just 1.1 MB compared to the 21 MB of the original Pinterest app.

Although Pinterest already offered a Lite app, it did not last long available to users, and they seem to have focused on re-developing the app from scratch to provide a better user experience.

The app is primarily focused on emerging markets so it begins to be available in some Latin American countries, among other regions. It has all the features and dynamics we already know. You will be able to follow other users or boards, save pins, customize the feed, create your own boards, and so on. And of course, everything we do from the app will be reflected in the web version.

Pinterest has become one of the most popular options when looking for ideas, inspiration or recommendations for online shopping. So having a Lite version opens the doors to Pinterest to those users who do not yet have it installed on their mobile devices.


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