This is a website (they still don’t have versions as a mobile native app) that allows us to create quick notes to write a novel (about us) :-), with the possibility of having version control to save a version of our work at any time.

Pine allows you to share the notes with a simple web link. You can record dates and recurrences, use color tags, tags, comments, intelligent analysis … it is even possible to share the task list of a project with everyone involved, to see the progress live.

The “habits” section allows you to get statistics, leave comments and measure the time of each session. They want us to use it to follow a process, to create custom trackers for any habit, measure your progress for anything, which will help to motivate.

The dashboards can be used to drag and drop content. All work is recorded in a timeline so we can see what we did in the past and what we will have to do today and in the future.

If we want to use it as a system to save links, it is also possible, as well as to upload files and get a preview of all of them directly from the web.

The free version allows you to have only 100 megabytes of space in the files section, but except for that limit, the rest of the functions are all free, with some limits on the amount of registered habits or tags that can be used.

An excellent way to organize our day to day.


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