Adobe continues to make inroads into the mobile application industry. Its latest offering is Photoshop Camera, a completely free app focused on applying filters to photos. Users will have an overwhelming number of filters available to edit their images by leveraging the potential of their artificial intelligence to achieve the best possible results.

Its interface is quite similar to the many filtering applications that have existed for years but Adobe aims to separate itself from the competition in both quantity and quality. The filters available are many and varied. While you will see only a few when you download the app, you can access the “Lens Library” to expand your catalog. One of the company’s goals is for artists and celebrities to make their own filters to share with the community. The only limit will be creativity. One of the singers who has already joined the initiative is Billie Eilish.

Perhaps the greatest virtue of Photoshop Camera over other approaches is how it benefits from AI. For example, the app is able to detect the sky to capture planets, galaxies, fireworks, or any other filter you find in the library. It’s packed with amazing AI-technology features that help you create gorgeous selfies, food shots, landscapes, and more. Quick fixes, such as portrait lighting and distortion removal, mean you can get photos that look like you spent a lot of time editing them. 🙂


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