Cookie warnings are one of the advances of the Internet in recent years, but also one of the great impediments to fast, direct and comfortable browsing. Especially in mobile browsers, constant messages to accept or configure which cookies we allow can be as intrusive as or more intrusive than annoying advertising.

Ninja Cookie is a free extension available for all major browsers, including Safari, that saves us a lot of headaches. The pity is that for the moment it is not available for mobile.

Getting started with Ninja Cookie is as easy as installing the extension from the Chrome Web Store or from the Firefox repository. In Safari, you have to go to the App Store. From that moment on, and from the moment we activate it, we will no longer see cookie warnings.

The application promises that, despite subtracting options regarding cookies, it helps us by making all non-essential cookies are rejected by default, which “is much better for your privacy”.

In addition to this, its developers talk about “enjoying Internet browsing” without having to worry about cookie banners” and, finally, saving time and clicks”. In this sense, the extension has a counter of how many cookie warnings it has saved us, calculating how many seconds we have saved by not having to accept cookies.

For functions such as whitelisting or permanent pause of the extension in a tab will have to pay from 0.50 cents per month (or more, if we voluntarily raise the price), and can pay monthly or annually. For most people and use cases, the free plan will be more than enough.


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