Although when a mobile application is updated, it usually means that new functions will be added to it or that errors in the current version will be repaired, there are also cases in which this is not the case and what happens is that certain options are eliminated.

This is what has happened to WhatsApp, which in its next update will lose a feature widely used by users. This is the option of saving the profile picture of a contact in the memory of the mobile. As reported by Wabetainfo, in beta of the iOS version of the app, the removal of this function is confirmed, which is not present in Android version either.

But why did WhatsApp decide to remove this option? Facebook does not confirm the reason for the deletion in the details of the new version but everything points to a privacy issue. When a user saves a profile picture of another person on their device, they are collecting private information without that person’s explicit permission, so this may be why the save image option has been removed.

However, we can still keep the image by taking a screenshot, although the responsibility for any complaint of privacy violation would no longer fall on WhatsApp, but on the user.


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