The best app to do a test of speed to our mobile phone

The speed of the internet connection on our mobile device can vary hundreds of times per day, and very rarely we come to realize the failures that affect the good sending and receiving of data. We all want the data to work at a fast and steady speed, but that does not happen every day, which is why we have to be pending checking the performance of networks and data that reach our mobile device.

Here is a tool for Android and iOS that has an extraordinary design and that can help us to perform tests of speed to our terminals. In this way, we will be aware of the performance of the connections in our home. is likely to be the King of the speed test sector, and that is borne out by the more than 50 million users who have downloaded this tool (only on Android phones and tablets). Its platform, the results and how it offers them, make it one of the best so we can know the speed at which the connection of our smartphone is working.

With this alternative we will be informed of the download quality and communication of the local host of the personal device. In your “Results” section we also find a history that compares past data, to see if the connections are improving or getting worse. You can download this tool for free.


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