Microsoft Defender ATP is a security platform for businesses. This platform provides companies with a series of advanced tools to protect themselves, since it will allow them to detect, prevent and respond to various types of threats, in addition to being able to use it on different platforms. It is now available for Android, although it is launched in a previous version for the time being, in the absence of the launch of the stable version

Microsoft Defender ATP is a security tool for companies, which was already available on other platforms, but now makes its entry into Android. In fact, companies that already use this solution can start using it on Android by following a series of instructions that Microsoft itself has published. This way they can activate those functions they want from this solution and start using it.

What functions does this first version offer? Microsoft is introducing the main functions of its security tool in this version for phones, so that companies can already have such protection available on their employees’ mobile devices. These are the functions it gives us:

  • Phishing protection.
  • Blocking and protection of malicious pages and applications.
  • Restricting access to corporate data on risky devices.
  • Control from a centralized panel.
  • Protection against unsafe connections.
  • File scanning.
  • Cloud-based protection based on deep learning.


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