Tracking has been used for years in the world of marketing to detect if the ads generate impacts, sales, etc. … A system that serves to obtain information from potential customers and that has reached the world of apps but many times not licitly.

Apparently, and according to Bloomberg, the mobile phone user is subject to constant tracking, without having given permission or expressed consent. Numerous applications would be tracking our phones even after being uninstalled.

The aim of the companies behind the apps is to show you advertising for their product so that you can re-install the application. Some of these companies are Adjust, AppsFlyer, MoEngage, Localytics or Clevertap. To do this, the app sends your mobile push notifications and with them find out if the user has uninstalled the app, because if sending the notification does not get a response is understood to have been removed from the device.

These are known as silent push notifications to generate ads since the next step will be to show you their ads through other apps, emails or other forms of spam. A practice increasingly widespread, denounces Bloomberg, and that violates the privacy policies of Google and Apple


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