Computer Launcher 10 is a custom interface that, as its name suggests, offers the appearance of a computer. But it is not limited to the basics, imitating the Windows style with the tiles: its adaptation is so complete that it even simulates the environment of the folders and the file manager.

Computer Launcher 10 offers an identical aspect to the desktop computer, it also adapts to such use, enabling different ways to interact with your Android mobile. You will have side or lower menus, the option to manage connections from a similar bar at the start, you can navigate through the file environment … And it is highly customizable. Even with themes!

What does the screen look like and what can you do in Computer Launcher 10?

The truth is that it looks so much like a computer that, as you have handled more than one, you will find that the new aspect of your mobile is familiar. Start bar with all the options Windows 10 has, side menu with launcher of applications and highlighted tiles, integrated file manager, possibility of creating folders to manage the files and apps of your Android mobile … The truth is that the application is sincerely complete .

This application works very well: it includes on-screen advertising. This is not too annoying, but if you like the app, you can remove the ads for less than $2.


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