Krita is one of the best tools in the open source world, it can easily become an alternative to other professional software for digital artists. It is used for illustration, comics, painting and all kinds of digital art.

Its development is maintained thanks to community donations and the program is usually kept constantly updated. And, just today they released version 4.3.0 which represents a major upgrade to the program with numerous new features and improvements.

On the desktop, Krita is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS completely free of charge. Among the new features are

  • New set of adjustments for the brushes that evoke watercolour painting
  • You can now create animated brush tips
  • The canvas can now be placed in a window of its own so that in multi-monitor spaces you can have the image on one screen and the app controls on another
  • There are new filters and a new color mode in the gradient map filter
  • The color picker has also received a major update
  • There is a new magnetic selection tool
  • The gradients can now be painted as spirals
  • The scripting API was extended
  • Now you can adjust the opacity and lightness of the colored tips of the brushes
  • Krita’s first beta has entered the Google Play Store, but only for Chrome OS and Android tablets


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