Joplin is a notes application, a kind of new version of Evernote or Apple Notes, but in a free and open source version – so if for some reason you do not like the previous ones it can be a good alternative. It is cross-platform (Windows, macOS, Linux) and multi-device (iOS, Android) and has plenty of features.

One of its strengths for fans of text mode editing is that it supports markdown, an easy and visual way to format the text without too many complications; something like “write HTML but without knowing HTML”. (It even has a visual mode in which you write in markdown on one panel and it is formatted in another simultaneously).

Joplin also allows you to create “To-Do” lists, something that lovers of lists will appreciate. On the other hand it is very open and allows you to import and export notes easily in various formats (yes: you can import from Evernote), as well as files and notes are synchronized between devices. The latter requires a Microsoft account, but it is as free and easy to create as a Google account.

The interface is a bit rough and not too elegant; It is missing a more professional design, but perhaps being open source, someone could give a better aspect. It also does not support formatted text, which often comes in handy, even if it is to respect the copy-and-paste format.

The app allows you to create several notebooks or notebooks to group the notes, a kind of folders to better organize yourself … Whoever has hundreds or thousands of notes I’m sure you’ll value it as a plus.

You can visit the developer website here.


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