The partners of the International Space Station have just published ISS Explorer, an application available for Android and iOS to explore the exterior of the International Space Station.

You can manipulate the 3D model with your fingers to rotate it, zoom in and out, and choose the module or component you want information from, which will load its corresponding 3D model that you can manipulate in the same way. If you touch the Information tab, a description with its description and specifications opens.

In the Hierarchy tab you can see the different groups in which the Station is divided according to the function of the modules and components. From this tab you can also decide which ones to see or not in the 3D model to facilitate navigation.

In the section of visitor ships, there are the Soyuz manned capsules and the Progress cargo capsules, although curiously missing the Cygnus, Dragon and HTV, essential to keep the ISS in service.


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