For a long time, Instagram has been a mobile-centric social network, which only allowed us to use the PC to take a look at our timeline, but not to post for photos or videos from our desktop. To achieve this, we had to resort to tricks like using the ‘web panels’ of the Vivaldi browser.

However, Facebook has just confirmed that from tomorrow, October 21, the general public will have access to this functionality both in browsers and in the official app available on the Microsoft Store… although only for photos and videos of less than a minute in length, and not yet including Reels or Stories.

In fact, the company had already been testing it since last summer, but it was only available to a small group of users. Even then, a spokesperson stated the following:

“We know that many people access Instagram from their computer. So, to improve that experience, we’re now testing the option to create a Feed post on Instagram with your desktop browser.”

Given how long they have waited to offer us this option, it is clear that it has not been a priority for those responsible.

In any case, although this step will undoubtedly increase its active user base, its main beneficiaries will be social network professionals, who will no longer have to keep switching screens to update the social profiles of the companies and institutions they work for.

But this new functionality will not arrive alone, because tomorrow the general public will also have access to new musical effects (such as ‘Superbeat’ and ‘Dynamic Lyrics’, which will display 3D lyrics that will flow with the ‘groove’ of the song) in Reels, the Instagram section intended to compete with TikTok.

In addition to all that, it has also been announced that from today they will implement, in testing phase, two new features that will be available from the button itself to create new publications (the “+” button more on the top right of the screen):

  • Collaborative publishing of content: when two creators choose to collaborate, the publication or ‘reel’ will appear on both profiles and will count a common view count and comments.
  • The option to initiate fundraisers for non-profit organizations: Instagram had already facilitated this kind of initiative in the past, but only within live broadcasts.


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