Instagram surprised us all last February when he announced that he would start warning when screen shots of the Stories were made. Although it started as an experimental phase, it was tested with several users, which could lead to think that this tool could be implemented for everyone.

However, the platform has surprised us again with good news. Instagram has left the tests of this function and, from now on, nobody will be notified if a screenshot is taken.

“The next time you take a screenshot, the person who posted the story will be able to see it”. In this way, the social network began the experimental phase of a new tool that had more negative criticisms than positive but, fortunately, the company has rectified.

For many, this test became a nightmare because it was not known with exactly which users the experiment was being carried out. This implied that if a screenshot of a story was taken, there was no record of whether the person would be notified.

Fortunately, this is already part of the past and the platform of photographs par excellence has reopened the ban so that we can all take screenshots of the Stories.


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