Among Instagram’s most interesting options is that of sharing links through stories. It is an ideal tool for content creators, as they can optimize the interaction of their followers with the material they create and publish on the web. Historically this function has been limited to verified users or users with more than 10 thousand followers, but this will change very soon.

Instagram will allow basically all users of the platform to include links in their stories. This will be through the dedicated sticker that was implemented some time ago to replace the swipe up. It is worth noting that its operation is very similar to that of the other available stickers; they only have to search for it, paste the link they want to share, and add it to the publication.

In the last time, Instagram had begun to expand the option of incorporating links in stories, but now its intention is that most users gain access to it. It is expected to be available globally in the coming hours.

It is important to note that there are specific limitations on who can and cannot use the sticker for links in stories. According to Instagram, new accounts – that is, newly opened accounts – will not be able to use this feature right away. Meanwhile, the option will be blocked on profiles that use it to encourage the viralization of misinformation and hate speech. Meanwhile, accounts that otherwise violate the platform’s policies will also not be able to include links in stories.

Instagram’s decision to expand access to the sticker to share links in stories will undoubtedly be very welcome. Today there are many users who use their profiles to share stories related to their work or ventures. And most of them intend to do so without necessarily considering themselves as influencers.

For them, this “new” option will be of great help, as they can drastically boost the use they make of Instagram and expand the reach of their publications; and without the pressure of not being well known enough to qualify for verification, or not having the necessary number of followers to unlock this coveted feature.


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