Instagram continues adding updates, enhancing the most popular features among users.

Now added a new feature for those who take advantage of the potential of live videos. As of the last update, users will be able to share live videos they are broadcasting themselves, or from third parties, through Direct.

The procedure is very simple. While the video is being transmitted, the user will have to go to Direct and choose the friend or groups of contacts with whom he wants to share the content.

One detail to keep in mind, is that the people with whom we share the video, can only watch them while the live broadcast is on. And for this method to work, it is necessary that the person who issues the video has enabled the option that allows direct sharing.

That is another aspect that Instagram has taken into account, since not all users want their live videos to be shared with users they have not invited.

Another novelty that Instagram has shown these days, has to do with the comments. If we stop at a publication for a few seconds, while we move through the feed, we will notice that the option “Add a comment” appears.

So we will not have to open the publication, to add a comment, but we will do it directly from the feed.

Two interesting updates for intensive users of Instagram.


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