Telegram, that instant messaging application that happens to be the most secure one, brings news. From now on it will allow to add contacts by geolocation, from a message or the search of chat groups in the vicinity.

The company reports the change on its blog on the latest Telegram update, version 5.8. And it brings good news for iOS users, from now on the application in these devices will be compatible with Siri’s shortcuts. Apple smartphones will also have all the design theme options that were already activated in Android.

Basically, all Telegram users will be able to add new contacts through geolocation and without the need to have their mobile phone number. In order to use this function it is necessary to activate the function ‘Add people near’ -both the one that adds and the added one-. This function allows you to exchange information such as the telephone number with other Telegram users.

There is also a new ‘Add to Contacts’ button at the top, which allows you to add to the address book those who have written a message to the user, even if we do not have his phone number.

Version 5.8 also incorporates the ‘Create a local group’ option. This option allows you to create groups with users who have the geolocation tool on, who will be able to see the groups open so that anyone next to them can join the chat.

Finally, Telegram has integrated the option of transferring the administration permissions, so that the administrators of the groups can transfer the position to another member of the group.

Telegram, a company created in 2013 by the brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov, offers end-to-end encryption to protect the messages exchanged within its platform. This is why it is considered the most secure instant messaging app available


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