A legacy left to us so far in 2020, from the early days of confinement, to the present new normality, is the increased use of video calls as a tool of daily communication.

In order to personalize them, over the days we have seen the appearance of more than one tool that provides from small aesthetic touches, such as blurring the background of a scene or replacing it with an image, to other more complex and playful visual effects, such as the one offered by this application.

This is Hyprmeet, an application that, instead of the webcam, allows us to use a customizable animated avatar that emulates our movements and gestures in a meeting via videoconference and even a streaming session.

Similar to Apple’s Memojis or other applications such as Zepeto, this application allows you to replace the camera with our avatar in any program that works using it, either in MacOS or Windows.

Hyprmeet allows to provide a more dynamic playful participation that has some instance of communication with the use of a webcam. It makes use of the use of facial recognition technology, through a platform capable of capturing the facial expressions of those who are in front of the target in real time, working in a totally dynamic way.

The avatar can be fully customized at the appearance level and once configured, simply select the Hyprmeet video source instead of the webcam in the target program, be it this Zoom, Teams, OBS or any other similar service that supports the use of the camera, including the web browser.

Given the new global context, this tool emerged in the midst of a process of consolidation of the use of video calls as a digital communication space not only for work productivity purposes, but also for personal and daily communication. For the latter cases, the addition of graphic details such as the one offered by this application, offers a more immersive experience, adding an experience that can give a new air to the atmosphere of a common video call.

Janna Jung, representing BinaryVR, the creators of this tool, said that “our team started the Hyprmeet project when the digital self world flourished in recent years with advances in machine learning and computer graphics. The recognition, comfort, and the need for people to operate in a digital world have brought the world of 3D avatars to life. The ongoing pandemic has made people more accustomed to working from home, taking classes remotely, dining with family and friends online and finding their identity in this digital world,” regarding the motivations behind the development of Hyprmeet.

This application is emerging as a commercial product. However, as it is still in beta, its developers have released it for free download on the hyprmeet.com website. While the software is still under observation and improvement, it will continue to be distributed under this modality, waiting for the corresponding feedback from its first users.



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