Since last October, the ‘Memoji’ fever has invaded all the groups of WhatsApp.

The upgrade to iOS13 allows the creation of the long awaited ‘Memojis’ from Apple. To create, edit or use them in applications like Instagram or WhatsApp, click on the emojis icon in the lower left of the space bar on the native iOS keyboard. Once you’re there, you’ll have to go to the left of it – further to the left than the ‘most used’ section – and there you’ll see some pre-generated Memojis, as Apple not only offers you the option to create your own, but also offers you some others like a mouse, a giraffe, a shark, a robot, a unicorn or a dinosaur.

To create your ‘self emoji’ click on the three dots next to the pre-generated ones. You will enter a screen with all the available Memojis – the ones with animals we were talking about – and, to the left of them, a ‘+’ symbol. A screen will open where you can create a new Memoji.

You can now choose your skin tone and intensity – in each of the available tones you have a bar to change the colour from more to less intense -; the hairstyle, the shape of the head, the ears, the eyes and the mouth; or add facial hair, glasses, headwear or even a pirate patch.

It allows you to put on make-up, put on piercings or a gold tooth and choose the shape and colour of your eyebrows and eyelashes – you can do it all! Just explore the options a little. Once you have an emoji to your liking, save it by pressing OK, and you can use it from the keyboard.

Android memojis

In Android there is no system for creating emojis with your face that integrates them directly into the keyboard, but you have other options. The first and easiest is to ask a colleague with an iPhone to make your Memoji and send it to you through WhatsApp. There, just by touching the image we can save it among our stickers by clicking on ‘add to favorites’.

Alternatively, we can download some applications to create our custom emojis – which, if you like, also often have an iOS version. Some of them are Bitmoji, Gboard, FaceQ or Zepetto.


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