Whatsapp has become one of the most important tools to communicate in our daily lives. Everyone knows what it’s for and how it’s used. However, few know that it can be used to find out who has your number in their contact book.

The user will have to be patient to find out in which contact books their number is, but the wait may be worth it. To achieve this goal, there are three simple steps to follow:

First, the user must create a broadcast group. To do this, in the Chats screen menu, you will have to press the broadcast lists button in the upper right menu. You will then select the contacts from your address book including the ones you want to know if they have you listed in their address book.

Second: you write a message and send it. Be patient, it will take a while for everyone to receive it.

Third: you can consult the properties of this message. To do so, you will have to click two seconds on it and open the information option in the upper right menu. You will then be able to check all the people who received the message, i.e. those who have their number stored in the phone.


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