WhatsApp compresses photos and videos before sending them to your contacts. With this trick you can share images without losing quality.

The classic dilemma: you send images via WhatsApp of the birthday party, the Christmas dinner, the concert you attended or the event you attended and your contacts receive it with an important loss of quality BUT so everyone saves data.

This is a recurring problem, especially when it comes to images or videos of really important moments or when you want to print high quality photos but receive them so compressed that it is impossible to use them for anything other than simply seeing them on the screen.

But there are ways to send photos without losing quality and the technique works the same way to send videos without compression destroying the images. The trick is, when trying to send something to a contact, instead of choosing the camera or gallery, select Documents.

Depending on the device, the following steps may be different. In an Android you must do it from the “Search for other documents” section.

While on an iPhone, before sending photos you must go to the gallery, select the images or videos you want to send without losing quality and go to the sharing menu and choose Save in Files. Then, from WhatsApp, when selecting documents, a screen will open with all the folders and files of our iCloud Drive and from there choose the files we just exported.

That way the contact will receive the photos and videos you share in the highest quality possible, without compression, just as you see it in your device. With the camera quality that smartphones offer us now, it’s important to know how to get the most out of it, and that also means sharing files in the highest possible quality.

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