Setting up a multimedia centre to play on any of the devices we have at home all our audiovisual content, from films and series to songs, can be really simple and cheap. A PC turned on acts as a server storing all our collection of videos and songs to play on any device via the internet or our home Wi-Fi connection.

Video game consoles such as PlayStation or Xbox and a long list of smart TVs, Android tablets and smartphones or iOS devices, allows to receive streaming content through UPnP. We simply need to set up a multimedia server and send the signal.

Gerbera is a software that allows you to turn any computer into a multimedia server and transmit video and audio through UPnP, wirelessly and taking advantage of the internal network of our home, basically Wi-Fi. No cables involved. Available for Linux and macOS, its installation is as simple as executing an order in the Terminal, with installers adapted to Ubuntu, Debian, openSUSE and macOS, among others.

Its handling is also relatively simple, since it works directly from the browser, through a graphical menu as if it were a web page. In addition, it brings with it a file manager to navigate our computer and thus facilitate the handling of the videos and audios that we want to share. Simply select the files or folders and add them to the list of shared content.

Once the Gerbera multimedia server is working, from any compatible device we will be able to find a library called Gerbera from which we will have access to all the shared content and through the home Wi-Fi we will be able to receive video and audio on our TV, tablet, smartphone or video console from anywhere.

Gerbera can reproduce practically any audio and video format, such as MP3, OGG, AAC, M4A, FLAC, MP4, AVI, MKV, etc. And in case the receiver device is not compatible with any format, we can enable the conversion or transcoding so that the multimedia server adapts certain formats to another that is compatible.

In any case, Gerbera can be installed in different devices and architectures, such as x86, Alpha, ARM, MIPS, Sparc or PowerPC, meaning that we can take advantage of disused computers or acquire microcomputers such as Raspberry, Arduino, Odroid and the like and convert them into our own home multimedia server.


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