Most of us have friends or contacts on WhatsApp who tend to send too many voice notes. Some of them send too many short audios and other complete discourses of more than five minutes. Either because the situation does not allow it (work meeting or class) or because we just do not feel like it, we will not always be able to listen to them. However, there is a solution aimed at those people who so despise voice notes.

It is an application called “Audio to Text for Whatsapp”. As its name implies, its function is to transcribe the voice notes that come to us in text.

Depending on its length, in a matter of a few seconds the application is able to convert what has been said into a voice-to-text note.

For now it is only available for Android.

To execute it, you have to go to a WhatsApp chat and select a voice note. Then go to the menu of 3 points, click on “Share” and you will see a list of all the applications to which you can send it.

In this menu select “Audio to Text for Whatsapp”. Immediately the application will start working and convert the audio into written words. While it is not 100% accurate, the basic ideas of the message can be understood. It will also allow you to copy them to paste them in the chat and transfer the conversation to the traditional “written mode”.


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