We live in an age where you can monitor and manage your home from your workplace, and your car can park itself whether you are behind the wheel or not. Imagine the scope of technological enhancements that can improve the quality of life for our senior citizens. Electronic devices can’t replace the warmth and caring of a personal caregiver, but home care technology can give seniors a greater sense of safety and security.

Discovering the Many Benefits of Home Care Technology in Eldercare

The many new technological devices that we use every day save us time, energy, and money. The same is true for home care technology devices and systems designed with senior caregiving in mind. Caregivers who are willing to step outside the box of their familiar ways will find that home care technology benefits the elder, as well as the caregiver.

Home care technology devices and systems make it easy for elderly people to call for help in an emergency, which means that they feel safer and more secure. There are even devices that signal an alert to a monitoring service even if the elder can’t call for help themselves.

Knowing that someone is watching out for them helps elderly people not to feel so isolated and alone. Not feeling alone often has a positive impact on their mental and emotional states.

According to AARP, most seniors want to remain home as long as possible. Home care technology devices give seniors a greater sense of independence and can delay arranging for admission to an assisted living or nursing facility. Because electronic devices help seniors stay home longer, they also reduce eldercare costs.

Some seniors will need a personal caregiver in addition to using home care technology devices. The technology will allow the senior to do be more independent in the presence of the caregiver, which means the caregiver will have less stress. If wandering is a concern, GPS devices help the caregiver keep track of their loved ones and keep them safe.

Providing Eldercare? There’s an App for That!

If you think about any issue that you may have as an elder caregiver, there just might be a home care technology device that will solve your problem. What exactly can these devices and systems do?

There are devices that can alert a senior that it’s time to take a medication and allow them access to just the right dosage. There are also systems that can monitor medication management remotely and communicate with the elder about taking medication.

Elders with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia are prone to wandering off, which may place them in unsafe situations. GPS devices designed for seniors let family members, friends, or monitoring services know when a senior has wandered too far or traveled into unsafe environments.

Caregivers can attain devices that let them know if an elder has fallen or gotten hurt from a fall. Some devices allow the senior to call for help on their own.

Electronic devices do more than manage safety and security. Caring People notes that seniors can reduce loneliness by communicating with family, friends, and medical professionals via social media apps.

Elders will likely need a little training to use home care technology devices. Learning how to use them is a great way for caregivers to spend quality and enjoyable time with elders. Learning to use home care technology is certain to be an adjustment, but it won’t be as big of an adjustment as moving out of the home they love.


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