Are you going on a trip abroad this holiday season? Once again Google comes to save you: the technology giant has launched an update for smartphones of its virtual assistant with the improvement of ‘Interpreter Mode’ included, ie: Google Assistant becomes a real-time translator on your mobile capable of speaking in 44 different languages.

This improvement was already presented at the beginning of the year, but to date it was only compatible with Google Home and Google Nest intelligent speakers and other brands such as Lenovo, LG or JBL. So you lost all the potential of this great service, because it was only useful if you were visited by a foreigner at home or if you used the speakers in an office to work, for example.

Now, at last, the Google Assistant can translate a conversation into different languages in real time on your mobile. As with loudspeakers, for proper operation the user will have to slow down the pace of his speech and to activate it simply use the voice command ‘Hey, Google, help me speak French’ or ‘Hey, Google, be my French interpreter’, or simply saying “I want you to be my interpreter.

The interpreter will ask you what your language is and what language the other person uses – if you have told them a language they will skip that part. From that moment on, your mobile listens to the phrases in one language and translates them in text mode in the other, on the mobile screen. It also offers related answers, if you want to use them.

It is able to differentiate between multiple regional variants. It distinguishes between Spanish and American Spanish or English from the United Kingdom and the United States, for example. It detects it automatically according to the GPS or we can tell you the variant we want.

And the best thing: if you are Android you don’t need to download any application, the Interpreter Mode is integrated with the Google Assistant. The only thing to keep in mind is that you need an Internet connection. And just in case, make sure you have your Google search app updated to the latest version. Simultaneous translation should appear to you as it is global in scope.

Google Assistant Interpreter Mode is integrated in Android, but it can also be used on iPhone: you only have to download for free the Google Assistant application, which is available in the App Store, and the operation is identical to that of the Android Assistant.


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