If there is an application that has gone from essential to complementary, or even unnecessary, that is Facebook. The Zuckerberg team can not help but assimilate that we have Facebook, but we can do without it.

Although we no longer use Facebook continuously, it is good to have it available when we want. That will be easier and faster thanks to these alternatives to the official Facebook app that we suggest.

Facebook Lite

Facebook has preferred to create Facebook Lite to optimize its official application. This option is completely safe because it has been designed by the platform itself. Its only difference is that it weighs less, loads content faster and consumes less data. It sounds appealing even for those people with powerful terminals but who prefer not to demand so much from their phone when they use the social network.

Maki proposes to unite all social networks in one

Sunshine Apps has created something that we did not think could make life so much easier. Maki allows you to combine all our social networks (up to 9), in the same app. The applications developed by different social networks are the heaviest, those that store more cache and those that slow down our terminals. The idea of putting them all together can be a viable solution for those with space or performance problems.

Maki has a plus that we also like. It has dark mode and allows you to download Instagram photos and Facebook videos.

Folio includes Messenger Lite

This platform, which resembles the Lite version of Facebook, promises to solve the small problems of official app.

It is faster and requires less battery. But that is not all. With Folio it will not be necessary to install the official Messenger app because it already includes it. Although it’s the Lite version, it allows you to use it normally. It’s something we celebrate because it has always been a nuisance to have to install two apps, Messenger and Facebook, when none of them is light.

Phoenix works perfectly

Its installation is very fast and in a few seconds we will have it available. A minimalist design (and get that with Facebook is a milestone), and a lot of comfort. It does not matter if we click on an image, video or publication, it opens without delay. In addition, and like Folio, Phoenix also includes Messenger.


Built as an extension to the Facebook website but less heavy, Friendly also includes Messenger chat and the basic features of the official app.
It includes Messenger and we can easily change from the same app to Instagram, Twitter or YouTube among other social networks.


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