An interesting update will come with Firefox 66, which will improve the user experience.

As Google and Microsoft have already done, Mozilla will implement a new feature that will block the automatic playback of video or audio, when we open a new web browser window.

So, the reproduction of content will not take the user by surprise, distracting his attention or causing frustration in navigation. It will be the user who will have to perform an extra action for the video or audio to be played.

If there is a site or web page that we want to reproduce multimedia content every time we open it, we can configure it, enabling the corresponding permissions. You only have to select the icon in the URL bar (as we see in the image), and change the permission to allow the reproduction.


Firefox will take note of all these configurations, to create a white list of reliable sites for automatic playback, saving users having to repeatedly go through the same process. And, of course, if the user changes his mind, he can change the permissions at any time.

This feature will not apply to those sites where permission has been granted for the camera and video, since the user has consented to that feature, and will be available from March 19, both in the desktop version and in Firefox for Android.


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